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  • Vintage Spat Duffle
  • Vintage Spat Duffle
Vintage Spat Duffle
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Vintage Spat Duffle


Please note: This piece is handmade to order and may take two to three weeks before shipped

The Spat Duffle is one of our pieces from our spat collection.  It is made up of old vintage Swiss army spats, also known as gaitors. They were used to protect the soldiers military uniform pants and boots from mud, snow and water. Each panel has a different date and name of the original maker inscribed. Mike found the spats in an old army surplus warehouse piled up in an old cardboard box. The straps are vintage officer belts and we used reclaimed collar buttons to attach the straps to the bag. Each individual spat has it's own vintage characteristics and shows the true beauty behind re-purposing the old into something new.

Handcrafted in USA with local materials.


9"H x 24"W 8.5"D

** Please Note: Each custom piece is unique and may vary slightly.

If you'd be interested in a handcrafted Spat Duffle of your own either call us at (610) 688-1500 or email us at

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