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Bay Harbor Tote
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Bay Harbor Tote

One of a Kind - Custom Piece

 This one of a kind piece was handcrafted this past July with the inspiration to create a spin off of a harvest picker bag due to the changing seasons coming ahead. Migrant farmers would use picking bags during harvest and made them with a similar shape and all types of fabric. Our Bay Harbor Tote has the mixture of upscale leather and vintage rug fabric combined to give a blend of simple beauty. 

Handcrafted in USA from local materials.


16"H x 12.5"W 4"D

Interior Pocket 7"H x 7.5"W

** Please Note: Each custom piece is unique and may vary slightly.

If you'd be interested in a handcrafted Bay Harbor tote of your own either call us at (610) 688-1500 or email us at

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