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The Singer Machine

Posted: Sep 22 2015

Here at Waltzing Matilda USA we use a Singer machine from 1906. It was originally made to be a leather sewing machine with the purpose of patching leather together. It has no motor but instead uses a treadle that is operated by using a foot peddle and is placed up on a cast iron stand. It was used most often for repairing boots and shoes and although we simply call it "The Singer", in the 1900's it was also know as the "Boot Patcher" or "The Cobbler". 

We were fortunate enough to get our Singer (29-4 / serial #B648152) from a 3rd generation cobbler who was located in our hometown. He was being forced to move out of his local shop, that had been passed down for generations, because condos were taking its place. Typically companies opt for new machines in place of the old vintage ones but at Waltzing Matilda USA being able to re-purpose this machine and continue to keep it in use is what our philosophy is all about. We handcraft most of our leather goods with re-purposed vintage leather so what better way to create them than with a vintage leather sewing machine. Recycling the old and making it new again; and finding the beauty in re-purposing the pieces of our past with a slight modern twist.


- Mike



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