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August Angel

Posted: Aug 27 2015

With summer coming to an end and fall around the corner its had me reminiscing back to the times when I was younger. Thinking about how much I looked forward to trips to the beach at the end of the summer even if it was just for a week. It was those experiences with the influential people in my life that allowed me to see things in many different lights. This is something that I wrote based on that.

August angel by me
We got 7 days of freedom because dad put in for vacation-
We packed the pickup high
And topped her off at the filling station
He put us in the back seat with the dogs and the beer-
He set her on the highway and said "let's get on out of here!"
We crossed the back bay and chased a summer shower-
Took a left on the gravel road right beside the water tower-
A pauper or a prince, depends on your point of view-
He said "it could be a water tower or could be our water view”

It's summer time. Won't you be my "August angel".
Sit a while and listen to the bugs sing their songs-
Keep me in rhythm with the big water moving-
Sit a while, and listen's summertime
Dad is on the front porch drinking wine and counting stars-
He let me sit beside him after I snuck out after prayers-
He says" look at that one there, it made a streak across the sky"
. I lied and said I seen it with my own two eyes
Me and my cousins thought we were Huckleberry Finn-
We made a raft from a broken dock then used our shirts to catch the wind-
Granddad he'd sit by the A/C because he couldn't take the heat-
We'd find sipping strait from the bottle or napping in his seat.

Mother put a pot on the stove filled with water. Whiskey and oil-
Whatever my uncles caught she"d throw into that boil
The local girls would come by and flirt with my brother and his friends-
Together they would sneak off into the rushes and never think they sinned
The week went by like the wind it moves so fast-
Did all we could to try to make it last-
Dad said he picked up more shifts, thank God for that
He said if he can hold this gig down we will surely come back here ...come next. summertime.

- Cheers,


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